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KaLinda Bass-Barlow Principal of Holliday

Since joining the HHMS school, Principal Bass-Barlow has been dedicated to the work of leading a quality Montessori school as per the Association of Montessori Internationale standards. While she has served as an educator for more than thirteen years in the Midwest, Texas and overseas in Abu Dhabi as an educational leader - Montessori has truly become her passion.

Principal Bass-Barlow believes strongly in what Montessori stands for – advocating for children. She is a passionate advocate for children and public Montessori that understands the urgency of learning for children and does not compromise at their expense. In her short time as a Montessori educator, she has worked relentlessly with stakeholders to transform Montessori practices at HHMS, where she and her team works with the mindset of Good, Better, Best to offer the children they’re privileged to serve authentic Montessori experiences.

Ms. Bass-Barlow prides herself on being an instructional leader, therefore, she fully immersed herself as a Montessori learner shortly after taking the charge to lead Holliday Montessori. She recently earned her Association of Montessori Internationale Diploma from the Montessori Institute of North Texas Training Center in Dallas, Texas. In addition to earning an AMI Diploma, Ms. Bass-Barlow completed the coursework for a second M.Ed. She studied Montessori Early Childhood Education at the University of Hartford.

Many milestones have been reached during her time at HHMS. Expertise, academics and aesthetics have transformed under her leadership. She’s most proud of her work in building teacher capacity as Montessori educators. Six educators have graduated with their AMI Diploma from Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) training centers across the United States. Assistants also received AMI Assistant's training, Currently, three assistants are enrolled in AMI Teacher Training as part of HHMS' Succession Plan. These actions directly correlate to the positive outcomes and transformational practices that are occurring at HHMS. Another direct outcome of collaborative efforts at HHMS is increased enrollment. The student body has increased by 80+ students since 2016.

Ms. Bass-Barlow also takes great pride in building and maintaining meaningful relationships with parents as they’re woven into the fabric of Harold Holliday Montessori School. She enjoys serving the public sector and considers it an honor to be contributing to the ‘Public Sector Montessori Movement’ work across the world. Ms. Bass-Barlow serves on the AMI/USA Board of Directors. She is married and has four sons.

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